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    November Wrap Up

    Hey guys! I decided I want to start doing monthly wrap ups so here is my November one. Enjoy.

    So in November I read 6 (!) books. I should probably cut back and start doing my coursework… Maybe…

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    Review: Unspeakable by Abbie Rushton


    *I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley*


    Megan doesn’t speak. She hasn’t spoken in months.

    Pushing away the people she cares about is just a small price to pay. Because there are things locked inside Megan’s head – things that are screaming to be heard – that she cannot, must not, let out.

    Then Jasmine starts at school: bubbly, beautiful, talkative Jasmine. And for reasons Megan can’t quite understand, life starts to look a bit brighter.

    Megan would love to speak again, and it seems like Jasmine might be the answer. But if she finds her voice, will she lose everything else?