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    Blog tour: The War of the Snakes by Julian Cheek

    Hey guys. Today is my stop on the blog tour for The War of the Snakes by Julian Cheek, and I am bringing you an extract from the novel.

    Title: The War of the Snakes (Ethereal Series #2)
    Authors: Julian Cheek
    Release Date: 7th April 2020
    Genre: YA
    Page Count: 600
    Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
    Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/52935003-the-war-of-the-snakes 
    Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/War-Snakes-Julian-Cheek/dp/1913340066/ 
    Summary: “Dreams can’t be real, can they?”

    Such is the gnawing question reverberating through Sam’s head as he battles with a dilemma, which refuses to be ignored.

    In his dreams, he is always confronted by one simple point: Muanga-Atua exists! And for some un-asked for and un-wanted reason, he – Sam – is expected to save this place from the calamity that engulfs the people of the Turangai. Not only that, but he is also supposed to have some sort of incredible power by which he is expected to destroy both the Bjarke and their leader, Lord Elim, the Turangai’s oppressors.

    “But that is ridiculous! Right?”

    Determined to ignore all that occurs in this so-called ‘dream world’, he does nothing. That is until one cold, grey, autumn morning a TV news flash captures a shocking series of events, which leads to one undeniable truth; what he has tried to ignore all along in Muanga-Atua has somehow incredibly exploded into his world and it is searching… Searching for him.

    His do-nothing approach is just not good enough. Not now. He will have to go back to Muanga-Atua to seek out this power he was supposed to have obtained. Find the power, accept what it can do through him, and go out into that awful place to do battle with someone, or something that makes his very blood run cold.

    But how? How can he go into this world and be all that the Turangai think he is, when he still cannot accept the truth? That he is ‘The One’. Sam, Wielder of the Staff of the Ethereals and saviour of their world. And now, apparently, of his own as well.