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    Review: Starstruck by Cyn Balog



    Life isn’t easy for Gwendolyn “Dough” Reilly – her family is struggling with its small New Jersey bakery in a town full of millionaires, and people at her school don’t seem to know she exists. When her long-distance boyfriend, Wish, moves back home after three years away, she’s nervous – she’s gained a lot of weight since they last saw each other, while Wish has apparently morphed into a blond god. Convinced that Wish will dump her the minute he lays eyes on her, Dough puts off their reunion as long as she possibly can.

    But something amazing happens when they finally meet: Wish looks at Dough as if she’s just as gorgeous as he is. He’s acting a little weird, though; he’s obsessed with the sun and freaked outby the rain. The creepy new guy working with Dough at the bakery tells her that Wish’s tiny star tattoo marks him as a member of the Luminati, an ancient cult of astrologers who can manipulate the stars to improve their lives. Dough isn’t sure what to believe.

    Are Dough and Wish meant to be together – or are they star-crossed?