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Hey friends! Today is my stop on the blog tour for The Special Relationship by Frederica Hendricks Noble and I am bringing you a guest post. Enjoy!

The Special Relationship by Frederica Hendricks Noble
Genre: Non Fiction
Published by: Clink Street Publishing
Pages: 182
Release date: 22/07/2021
Where to find: Amazon
Summary: The Special Relationship describes how one American woman fell in love with a British man and learned the rules of engagement in order to make her life in England successful. Are you thinking about dating (or marrying) a British man and heading off to the United Kingdom to be with him? Have you found your Mr. Darcy? This book offers insider tips and advice from an American who found her Prince Charming. Her beguiling “prince” affectionately refers to her as the “original Meghan Markle”. This practical, easy-to-read, and sometimes humorous guidebook will help modern women better understand British men, English culture and how to create their own special relationship.

5 of the Best Things About Dating an Englishman

 There are so many wonderful things about dating an Englishman, but I’ve managed to narrow it down to five!

  • The Accent – as an American woman, I fell in love with my partner’s accent. He grew up in the West Country, so his accent has a sweet ‘twang’ to it. His mother forced him to take speech lessons because his Bristolian brogue was so pronounced when he was younger. Sometimes, when he is meeting my relatives or friends he puts on his posh BBC presenter accent. Or he can switch to an American accent with such ease, no one suspects he is British. I think a lot of British men can do this – just think of all the British actors who play Americans in films and television and none of us are the wiser until we hear them being interviewed. A bonus I appreciate is having English poems or Shakespeare read in a native tongue – talk about romantic!
  • His sense of history – this could be because history is an everyday lived experience for many Englishmen. He is surrounded by history all the time – ancient monuments (think Stonehenge), castles (think Windsor Castle), various World Heritage sites (think Tower of London), or listed buildings. For instance, my partner grew up in the same house where his mother and her siblings were born.  The house is over 200 years old; this is not uncommon for sons (and daughters) to live in a home that has been in the family for generations. The fact that Great Britain is still a monarchy also contributes to him having a historical perspective from which to view life occurrences. He can talk about various royal reigns and what happened to Henry VIII’s wives, or how Elizabeth I defeated the Spanish Armada. He can point out a Roman road in the English countryside or show you examples of Victorian architecture. Many of the customs he grew up with reflect this sense of history, such as Remembrance Day, Guy Fawkes Night (Bonfire Night) or Boxing Day.
  • Sense of humour – there is definitely a particular type of British humour that will be revealed if you are dating an Englishman. British humour ranges from dry and satirical to understated and completely absurd. He can turn something that is routine and mundane into something amusing and witty (take for an example the television show, The Office). Who knew work could be so funny! It also has something to do with the delivery – the way in which he tells the joke, it’s not always obvious that he’s joking until a smile slowly appears on his face.
  • A Global Perspective – The world is so much bigger than the British Isles, and an Englishman has this perspective. He typically has travelled from an incredibly young age to other parts of Europe and at the very least, to other parts of Great Britain. So, while my school trip was a visit to the Detroit Zoo, my partner was going on school ski trips to the Swiss Alps. The Englishman’s global perspective may also be a result of his exposure to the diverse people and cultures that can be found in the UK today. I love that my Englishman is always ready to go explore and experience the world!
  • The ability to put a positive spin on the weather – England is not known for its fantastic weather or hot days filled with sunshine. Instead, if I think of English weather, words like, overcast, rain and damp come immediately to mind. An Englishman, however, can make the worst weather sound ideal! For an example, when it is absolutely pouring down with rain, and you have just come from the hair salon. He will say, ‘It’s alright darling, it’s just a sprinkle, your hair looks fabulous’!  Sprinkles are what I put on top of my cupcake, not how I describe a rain shower! Or when it is freezing cold and raining. He might say, ‘My lovely, wrap up warm because it’s unusually cool and unsettled out there today’.  Or if it is damp and wet, he says, ‘You probably want to put on your wellies, there may be a few muddy puddles outside’. Other words he might use that don’t make the weather seem so terrible – nippy, chilly, blustery, frosty, close (for when it is extremely hot) and typically, these are all preceded with the words, ‘It’s a bit…[insert word from list above]…out there’.  However, the best is when he borrows songwriter, Frank Loesser’s phrase and says, ‘Baby, it’s cold outside’ and rather than go, I stay in and cuddle up on the couch with him and the warm cup of tea he just made.

Frederica Hendricks Noble is a trained psychologist and board-certified life coach. She studied psychology at Vassar College in New York and received her PhD in Counselling Psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She has taught psychology at universities in the United States and England. Her interests include writing about relationships and helping others create their life strategies. Frederica is now the Principal Consultant and Lead Life Strategist at Noble & Noble Consulting, where she coaches private clients through personal and professional transitions. 

Born in Detroit, Michigan, she met her Englishman online while living in Los Angeles. A thoroughly modern woman, Frederica subsequently moved to England to live, work, and be a mom. She has dual citizenship and considers both Nashville, Tennessee and Somerset, England home. Frederica wrote The Special Relationship to provide women with practical advice on how to navigate dating (or marrying) a Brit. Part cultural commentary, part relationship coaching and part travel guide, The book details the humorous culture clash which happens when an American woman falls in love with a British man. Frederica offers insider tips and guidance on how to have a successful, modern day Anglo-American relationship.

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