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Blog Tour: The Older Woman by Anna-Leigh Brooks (Guest Post)

Hey friends! Today is my stop on the blog tour for The Older Woman by Anna-Leigh Brooks, and I am bringing you a guest post. Enjoy!

The Older Woman by Anna-Leigh Brooks
Genre: Erotic Romance
Published by: Clink Street Publishing
Pages: 374
Release date: 28/01/2021
Where to find: Goodreads | Amazon
Summary: Jess’s arrival in the military village has got her heart racing, her adrenaline pumping… 

Lust, passion and a yearning for love, that’s all that she has ever really dreamed of. With a failed marriage behind her and an uncertain future she hopes her move to the small military village not far from her parents will turn out to be for the best. 

Work hard and party harder seems to be the usual lifestyle for a 19 year old squaddie. He has no intention of settling down, in fact, he craves the excitement of an older woman to fulfil all his wildest fantasies. Will their highly charged and erotic activity be enough to sustain a relationship? 

Can Jamie be kept a secret and hold onto their passion or will it be too much for either of them? 

The Older Woman is Anna-Leigh Brook’s first novel – an erotic romance that ensues from a chance meeting but will keep you captivated until the end.

Five Favourite Things about being a writer
  1. Freedom of Expression
  2. Creative Mind
  3. Bringing people joy in reading
  4. Stories that people can relate to
  5. New Challenges

Well, where do I start? I never ever in my life envisioned being a writer or had the mere thought that I could actually write a story let alone a romance/erotica one, but low and behold, it seems I have a bit of a talent for it!

Joking apart, I’ve always enjoyed reading, I’m definitely more of a book worm than a tv/couch potato, I honestly couldn’t tell you one soap from another! If I do sit down to watch a bit of TV it’ll be a documentary or on the odd occasion, I’ll watch a film.

I first discovered I had a ‘knack’ for writing Erotica in 2014 after relocating with my job in January of that year from Coventry to Peterborough. I first lived in a little village called ‘Newborough’ as my 2 youngest at the time were still in school and stayed here in Coventry to finish their school year off

I rented a lovely 3-bedroom house ready for Hayden and Kimmi to join me in July at the end of the school year, as I worked shifts, a mixture of a week on earlies and the following week would be a week of late shifts, this gave me lots of free time on my hands, so to pass the time I would write some short stories, they were all of the erotica genre, but I was shocked at how good they were, even if I say so myself.

This went on for a couple of years, even after I moved in the September of 2014 to Wittering, a military village which I fell in love with when I first decided I wanted to move with my job the previous year. However, living in the military village gave me whole new outlook on life, I gained lots of new friends and saw the other side of what the wife of a military man actually goes through, I have to say, it’s not easy, not by a long shot, in fact it is a very lonely life and not a life I would choose.

Now living in Wittering, with my new found friends and social life, I started to think about the stories I’d written previously. I noticed that I started to adapt them to my new surroundings, so whenever I found myself feeling a little bored or have some free time on my hands I would write a short erotica story about being the lonely wife of a soldier or naval officer or marine, sadly I never kept any of these, they were on an old mobile phone.

 I know if you ask anyone about me, they’ll all say that I can’t tell you anything without it being a story and I definitely like to talk with my hands, I guess you can say I’m very expressive. This I think is also very evident in my writing, I find it easy to describe a person or situation, it’s almost as if I am that person or I’m in that situation, I see it, I feel it, and I definitely imagine myself there.

After talking to my mum about the experience of writing over the last 12 months, she is immensely proud of what I’ve achieved in life and even more so now, she always says that as I child I would have my head stuck in a book, that I would tell her ‘I could write these books mum’ – now I don’t remember that myself, but I do remember my English teacher once telling me that if I had put as much effort in to my work as I did into my chatting, I’d have done very well in English. Bless her, perhaps she saw something I didn’t? 

Since writing my first novel, I’ve now come to realise that what I write can be related to by so many different women. They tell me, already, how much they are looking forward to reading my books, to see how it compares to their experience in life, good or bad, they will enjoy reading them. So, as long as they continue to enjoy reading them, I will continue to write for them.

Author Information

I’m a former Trade Counter Sales Assistant working for a joinery company withing the construction industry, a mother to four grown up children living in the suburbs of Coventry with my beloved Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog ‘Eddie’.

I’ve always loved reading right from a very early age, I would rather have a good book in my hand than watch a TV programme or film and I’ll always have a story to tell, I simply can’t tell you anything without elaborating and going into great detail, you could say I have a creative mind and this is evident in my writing. 






  • Mark Oxley

    After being in the Royal Navy for 23yrs I can relate to Jamie”s thoughts when I was younger, I cannot wait until my book arrives tomorrow and find out about his exploits

  • Mark

    Well I received my book via Anna-Leigh’s website the following day and WoW! what a read, I’m only a few chapters in and already compulsive reading, thankfully I’m not a fast reader, but at times I wish I was, as I cannot wait till I turn to the next page let alone the next chapter
    Jamie comes across across as a Typical young soldier full of testerone on a night out looking for excitement and lust, he’s set out on a conquest and determined to conquer.
    Anna-Leigh has not wasted anytime letting us know in what Jamie is thinking of let alone of what he wants, this book kicks off very juicy from the start(I found the first chapter free to read on Anna-Leigh Brooks website and loved it, hence I bought the book) but remember it take two to tango!
    Very well written and I loving it

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