Review: I Was Born for This by Alice Oseman

I Was Born for ThisI Was Born for This by Alice Oseman
Genre: Contemporary
Published by: Harper Collins
Pages: 393
Release date: 03/05/2018
Rating: ★★★★★
Where to find: Goodreads | Waterstones
Summary: For Angel, life is only about one thing: The Ark – a pop-rock trio of teenage boys who are currently taking the world by storm. Being part of The Ark’s fandom has given her everything – her friend Juliet, her dreams, her place in the world.

Jimmy owes everything to The Ark. He’s their frontman – and playing in a band with his mates is all he ever dreamed of doing.

But dreams don’t always turn out the way you think, and when Jimmy and Angel are unexpectedly thrust together they find out just how strange and surprising facing up to reality can be.

Wow. I loved this book so much more than I thought I would. It didn’t go in the direction that I was expecting it to go in, and to be honest, I’m glad about that.

I found this book so gripping and compelling. I listened to the audiobook, and every time I had to stop the audiobook, all I wanted to do was put it back on and keep listening.

I Was Born for This is told from two point’s of view, Angel’s and Jimmy’s. The audiobook had a different narrator for each point of view, which I appreciated. I also really liked both narrators. 

I always really enjoy Alice Oseman’s characters, and the characters in this book were no exception. It was also fun to see both the main characters have their beliefs about the other’s life style challenged after they met.

I really enjoyed the fandom elements of this book. It really took me back to my Tumblr and fandom days, and it made me a bit nostalgic. Another thing I enjoyed in this book was the religious element. Jimmy is christian and Angel is Muslim and there are mentions of their religions throughout the book, but it never felt preachy. I am not religious, but I do enjoy reading books that include religion.

There was so much diversity in this book, in terms of both sexuality and race, which I really appreciated and enjoyed seeing.

Overall, this has become one of my favourite Alice Oseman books, up there with Radio Silence, and I definitely think you should check it out.

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