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Hey guys. Today is my stop on the blog tour for Hidden Intentions by Dave Flint and I am bringing you a guest post by Dave himself. Enjoy!

Hidden Intentions

Title: Hidden Intentions
Author: Dave Flint
Release Date: 21st July 2020
Genre: Mystery
Page Count: 366
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/54461024-hidden-intentions 
Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hidden-Intentions-Dave-Flint/dp/1913340848
Summary: Toby could… and Toby would.

‘Enjoy yourself as you rot, old man. And you’re not my dad – you never were.’ Southern England, September 1957

When thirteen-year-old Toby Mitcher’s mum collapses, never to wake up, Toby’s alcoholic stepfather becomes his legal guardian. He thought life couldn’t get much worse, but was he wrong.

Time passes, and an orderly direction comes into his life. That is until problems start and the disappearances begin.

No more being put upon or allowing bad situations to happen.

From now on, Toby is in control. Or is he?

Five favourite things about your protagonist:

1/ The suspense Toby brings:

Being such a big lad for his age, Toby felt as though it was him that was to blame for the life he had. Home-life brought troubling aspects into his world, and it was his stepfather who opened that door for him to react. Toby’s swing of moods after his stepfather left the scene brought out a different person in him. Toby could channel his mind from being a youth to that of a determined killer should the need arise; he had the strength. Feeling divided between an adult and child of that generation, it was some of the people he came up against that gave him his troubled thoughts and the places that he would place their bodies.

2/The love Toby could show:

Toby could show his love openly along with his sometimes, distressing feelings. When he found someone he liked, Toby went out of his way to do whatever he could for that person. First, it was his aunt that gave him hope, and later Tom, the farmer who became like a father figure to him. His love for those people was paramount, and woe betides anyone who interferes with them. The family that came into his life much later gave him a calmness as he respected them and discovered they liked him as much as he did them. Toby’s boxing friend, Ben, became a good mate especially when he showed his emotions to his after an accident he had, and Ben’s brother, Dan, who was nearer his age, Toby spoke to him with caring feelings after a difficult start. Yes, Toby was a descent type on top of his hidden personality.

3/ The friendship Toby cherished: 

The first friend Toby encountered was Tom, a neighbour farmer similar in age to his stepfather but so different. Tom treated Toby as a friend after discovering he was a willing worker and nothing, he asked him to do was ever too much. The day Tom spoke to him in the kitchen asking Toby to call him Tom and not Mr Waterson, was the day Toby realised how much he felt for him.

When eventually Toby did meet another person nearer his age that he could talk and relate things about his life, Toby grasped the opportunity and discovered he could function as a normal person with them. The colour of a person’s skin never entered his head, to him, that individual became something like a brother he never had, and his friend’s family accepted him equally.

4/ Boxing:

Toby came to enjoy the sport like he never believed he could. Fellow members of the club he joined welcomed him with open arms, and he realised life could be different after all. Ben, his friend, encouraged Toby in the sport, and together, they both came out of a painful way of life where Toby opened up opportunities for both of them.

5/ Blackwater Wood:

The crime scenes, Toby living, where he did, had the opportunity to discover the surrounding countryside as he grew up, trees fascinated him as did most of what nature had to offer. The wood became the disposal for Toby’s unsuspecting victims. It always answered Toby’s elimination problems. But tragedy came to the wood with Toby being the culprit, a terrible miscalculation on his part, something that shook him to his core. Toby had had one close loss in his life, but this one left an awful price for him to pay.

Author Information

Dave Flint has been an avid reader since his twenties. Married at the age of twenty, and eighteen months later with three days’ notice, he and his wife discovered their baby was going to be twin girls.

He thinks the shock at that time ended their thoughts of having any more children. He served in the Merchant Navy for a short period until he realised being engaged and married, for him, would not work too well. So, he worked in industry and later the aircraft and radar sector until his retirement in 2012 at the age of 64. Finding a hobby, he joined a writing group not knowing where it might lead him. Low and behold all those books he read over the years must have had an impact on him. The writing group he joined gave him encouragement and criticism, enabling him to find his feet in another world. 

Together, he and his wife have holidayed in many countries. China being the most astonishing last year, they just made that one! They like the scenic trips where they can take in the different wonders of the world, such as in America’s Parks and Canyons, Yellowstone, and New Orleans Bayous, Italy’s Pompeii, and what its cities have to offer with its past. The Vatican and Rome, Sicily and Etna, The Catacombs and so much more. He did stop in Southern Africa in his early years while in the M.N. that could probably be why he was so taken with Wilbur Smith and his books.

Being in good health, he enjoys playing Badminton and going on long walks with the Ramblers group he belongs to, and now looks forward to when he can get back into the swing of things.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daveflintauthor

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  • Dave

    Hi Alex,
    Thank you for putting my book on your site. Your feedback was much appreciated.
    I will keep your word on my Facebook site and pass them around to friends, should they not see this.
    Once again, many thanks for your coverage of my first novel.

    Kind regards
    Dave Flint

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