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Blog Tour: The Curse of Knowing by Aldo Cernuto

Hey guys. Today I am kicking off the blog tour for The Curse of Knowing by Aldo Cernuto, and I am bringing you a guest post by Aldo about the top five things about his protagonist.

The Curse of Knowing

Title: The Curse of Knowing
Author: Aldo Cernuto
Release Date: 14th July 2020
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Page Count: 282
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
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Summary: Vittoria Armieri—a humble worker at a ministry in Rome—has the ability to access people’s lives: their pasts, their thoughts and feelings, and especially their tragic memories. Others would call it a superpower, but to her it’s a curse: it’s the source of such misery for her, that she’s now desperate to die, possibly at the hands of a murderer. But while she recalls her youth and the events that brought her to this point, something unexpected occurs. Something that not even Vittoria, with all her eerie savviness, could possibly have foreseen.

Guest Post – Top Five Things About My Protagonist

1) If you met her in real life, you’d stay the hell away from her

At sixty-five, Vittoria Armieri is what you might call an ugly, old witch. A standoffish toilet cleaner at a Ministry in Rome, she possesses the uncanny ability to tap into the lives of others. She can intercept their thoughts, memories and emotions. Anyone would call such a skill a superpower, but to her, it’s nothing but a source of desperation—an illness, as she sometimes refers to it. For this reason, she has resigned herself to the life of a pariah, shunning all contact with others, and death is all she desires.

2) Yet, as the novel’s main character, she’s an ideal companion

Precisely because of her peculiar power, Vittoria sees the world from her own unique and disenchanted perspective. Although she’s desperate to die—possibly at the hands of a murderer—Vittoria enriches her narrative with plenty of witty remarks and a generous helping of dark sarcasm. Hers is the embittered attitude of a woman who has been destroyed both from within (because of her curse) and by external events, especially those of her youth. Vittoria has nothing to lose. The only thing she still possesses is her own life. But now she’s decided to put an end to that too. 

3) And as you get to know her better, you’d probably want to be friends with her 

Unfortunately, no form of friendship is possible for her. Before her, everybody is naked, with all their flaws and weaknesses on show. No chance for anyone to hide that fantasy they’re indulging or the sordid secret they’re keeping. You can’t be friends with Vittoria, and she can’t be friends with any ordinary person. The only thing you can do, therefore, is listen to her story, which goes back forty years, to the early stages of her illness. In this way, you’re introduced to the young Vittoria: a stunning girl and a successful student at the Academy of Fine Arts. A brilliant young woman enamoured of life and theatre and, of course, of love itself.

4) And the more you know about her, the more you relate to her 

As the story traces Vittoria’s cursed life—her tragic past and her gloomy present—you start to gather the many subtle nuances of her complex personality. The Vittoria of forty years ago—a naive and delicate soul—seems to share little with the sardonic and death-seeking spinster of today. But an unexpected event occurs—the plot twist of the novel. This episode represents a sort of a crossroads, the moment when the two Vittorias, their stories and their psychological traits, start converging to shape the kernel—and the sense—of the novel. 

5) In the end, you will miss her

Why would you miss her? Because she finally succeeds in putting an end to her life? Or because you have turned the last page of a novel that fascinated you? Or something completely different? Too many questions. You want to know too much now. Haven’t I just said that knowing too much might be a curse?

Author Information

Aldo Cernuto (Turin, January 1955) developed his career in the advertising industry. First as a copywriter, then as an executive creative director, he has worked in some of the major networks, winning several international awards—six Lions in Cannes and two gold Clios in New York, to name just a few. He currently divides his life between two charming villages he has loved forever: beautiful Camogli, along the coast of Liguria, and Pimlico, in central London. Although this latter isn’t properly a village, it possesses the atmosphere and the quiet that make a hamlet—a secluded place, an ideal location for writing. 

The Curse of Knowing is Aldo Cernuto’s first work of fiction.

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