We Made A New Booktube Account!

Hey guys. Today I wanted to tell you about the Booktube channel that I recently made with Faye and Beth! I have been wanting to make a Booktube channel for a while, but I have always been to scared, so making one with my friends seemed like a good way around that fear. We have had our channel for about a month now and I have been really enjoying it.


Our channel is called Library of Books and Daydreams! We each post one day a week, so that means that there are 3 new videos every week for you to enjoy! You can find our channel here.

I will add all our Booktube Newbie tags into this post so that you can get to know us all a bit more.

We would all really appreciate it if you wanted to subscribe, and if you have a channel, feel free to leave a link in the comments so we can subscribe to you too! We also have vague plans to do a liveshow Q&A when we reach 100 subscribers, so please help us reach that goal!

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