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Blog Tour: Zein Trilogy by Graham J Wood

Hey guys. Today is my stop on the Zein trilogy blog tour, and I am bringing you a guest post by the author, Graham J Wood. Enjoy!

Image result for zein the reckoningTitle: Zein: The Reckoning (Zein #3)
Authors: Graham J. Wood
Release Date: 27th February 2020
Genre: Sci-Fi
Page Count: 294
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
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Amazon Link:
Summary: The nightmare continues. Returning to Earth, Kabel and Tyson are fighting different battles. Kabel angry and struggling to restrain his feelings for Gemma, and Tyson fighting an internal battle with the methir still coursing through his body; the magics are growing stronger. On Earth, the Cabal are tightening their grip on the control of the zinithium and the fearful population. Their ruthlessness is supported by Zylar aggressively pushing his domination plan forward, and his desire for revenge on the Blackstone brothers is all consuming. The odds seem high, almost unimaginable. Into this despair stride the conflicted brothers with the support of their companions. Despair, defeat and death will face them. Now is the time to fight back, to face the ultimate battle of good versus evil, for the sake of the Earth, the universe and their own internal peace.

Top Five Things About Being an Author by Graham J. Wood

Freedom to express yourself. Especially important for a fictional writer who wants to share ideas, plot and storyline with others and writing provides a channel for this. I frequently talked through the story with quite a few people way before I put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. One person I know reminded me that I used to talk about Zein on the Underground in London and he never thought I would actually sit down and write it. In life you tend to conform to what people expect whether that is at work, in the pub at home; when you write it is your world and everything goes.

Holding the finished book in your hand and realising that this is due to you and only you. Of course you receive support from family and friends and the editor and publisher, but the book, the idea comes from you and therefore it is unique. Knowing you created the idea and were determined enough to write and finish it is a superb feeling. I remember receiving my first 100 books to my house and opening the boxes and you see the finished product was a fantastic feeling, followed by the usual photos for social media of course!

The time spent writing is escape time. You escape from the pressures of the day to day grind and I find it relaxing, not work but an enjoyable pastime. If you pick the right surroundings and mine is in the beech hut at the bottom of my garden, you can enjoy the experience, the time  alone. Just you, the laptop and the story. You have to embrace the writing experience and that just is common sense. So many people start but do not finish, the story has to become a major part of your life, whether you are travelling for work, walking the dog, the story should be playing on your mind as you develop it. Embracing the moment and keeping it close to you increases the chance that you will reach the finishing line. I would not hesitate to make writing my full time job…I like to dream.

The pride you feel that you said you can and will write a story and then proudly telling everyone, even the local taxi driver as he drops you off at the railway station, that you are an author and ready to prove it! My wife always brings it up when we are on holiday and it is amazing to see the effect it has. People really value the hard work to write a book. Some of the taxi drivers still bring the books up when they pick me up again and have downloaded the books.

Knowing that you are opening yourself up to scrutiny to the readers, How you think, your principles, your way of viewing things. It can be very liberating and very un-British. I found this slightly nerve racking at first. I was concerned that people at work would read my author’s page and read my books and comment, maybe even be sarcastic. However, it has mainly been complimentary and I do not hide who I am.

Author Information

Image result for graham j woodGraham J. Wood was born in Manchester, and grew up in neighbouring Sale. He coordinates global negotiations outsourcing information technology and business processes, and his work takes him all around the world. His daughter, Becky, had lifesaving open heart surgery in 2012 at the age of fourteen; born with the extremely rare heart defect interrupted aortic arch, she was considered a medical miracle as the condition went undiagnosed until she was thirteen. Graham and his family have donated over £2000 to Alder Hey & Ronald McDonald Trust as thanks for saving Becky’s life. Graham and his wife live in Timperley, Altrincham. He is the author of Zein: The Prophecy (2014) and Zein: The Homecoming (2015) both published by Clink Street.




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