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Polarthon TBR

Hey guys. Today I am sharing my TBR for the Polarthon. The Polarthon is a readathon hosted by Jade at Jadeyraereads, and its all about reading polar fantasy. It is running from 03/02/2020 – 09/02/2020. Here is her announcement video if you want some more information.

Polarthon 2020 (2)

The aim of the readathon is to find a path through the valley, so the maximum books you need to read is 5, although you can read more. I am not going to attempt to read 5 books, because I work full time so there is no way I can read 5 books in a week. I’m just going to aim to read 2 books, and get 2 spots up the path.

Cold word

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A Furry Friend

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(I’m making an assumption with this one)

I have some other polar fantasy books on my TBR, so if I do miraculously get through both of these in less than a week, I do have other options.

Are you participating in the polarthon? Feel free to share your TBR with me!

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