Biannual Bibliothon Days 1 & 2 Update

Hey guys. I thought I would do updates for the Biannual Bibliothon every other day, because I feel like doing one every day is just a bit much. So here is what I read over the first two days of the readathon.

Day 1

Books read: I read the last 74 pages of A Shiver of Snow and Sky, I didn’t manage to finish it before the readathon started. I also read the first 160 pages of The Girl of Ink and Stars.

Total pages read: 234

Reading challenges completed: None

Day 2

Books read: I read the last 62 pages of The Girl of Ink and Stars, meaning I finished my first TBR book. I also read all 121 pages of Of Mice and Men. I read the first 58 pages of Arsenic for Tea, and I listened to the first 24 pages of Stoner, which isn’t on my TBR but I needed a new audiobook, so I picked it up.

Total pages read: 265

Reading challenges completed: Read a backlist title, Read a book under 200 pages.

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