Reading and Blogging Goals for the Second Half of 2017

Hey guys. At the beginning of the year I planned to post about my reading goals for the year, but I never ended up getting around to it, so I thought I would just post one now for the second half of the year. I hope you enjoy.

Reading Goals:

  1. Read 75 Books – At the beginning of the year I set my Goodreads reading goal to 100 books. I then immediately fell behind because I read A Game of Thrones. After that I felt like I had to read short, quick books so I could catch up. I felt like I couldn’t read any long books, or big fantasy books, and I really hated that. So the other month I reduced my goal to 75 books and I’ve really felt the pressure of reading a lot of books lifting. Since I lowered my reading goal, I’ve read more longer and slower books, and last week I finally started A Clash of Kings. At this point in the year I’ve read 33 books, and according to Goodreads, I’m on track to reach 75 books this year.
  2. Finish Series – I have quite a few series that I have started and never finished. Some I even started over 4 years ago. I have at least 11 series that I have started and not finished (Some of them are not completed series, I just haven’t read all the books that are out.) By the end of the year, I would like to have reduced that number by at least 4. I feel like that gives me a bit of leeway to start other series if I want to. As long as I have 7 unfinished series or less by the end of the year, I’ll be happy.
  3. Reduce TBR – At the moment, I have 146 unread books on my shelves. I don’t mind having unread books on my shelves, I just feel like over 100 might be a bit ridiculous. I’m not going to go on a book buying ban or anything because that kind of thing never works for me. I just want to get to a point where I’m buying less than I’m reading.

Blogging Goals:

  1. Post Once a Week – I don’t know how well this will go, but I really would like to start posting more. I should at least be posting a WWW Wednesday each week, but hopefully more than that.
  2. Post Review Once a Month – I’m not one of those people who reviews every book I read, so I feel like this is a realistic goal for myself at the moment.

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