#tbrtakedown 3.0 TBR

Hi guys. This is my TBR for the TBR Takedown readathon hosted by Shannon at leaninglights (announcement video here). It runs from the 4th to the 10th of January. These are all the books I plan to read during the readathon, and the challenges they relate to.

Read a book from your most recent book haul

Read a book on your TBR Shelf over a year (or longest)

Read a book outside your comfort zone! (Genre, content, etc)

Read a first book in a series

Complete a series/Read a sequel in a series

Read a FIRE color book (Fire colours such as shades of red, pink, purple, lilac, burgundy) Lucky Colours for 2016

Read a non-novel item: poem, verse, novella, short story, etc

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